Septic Tank Facts & Tips

Here are some handy tips to keeping your system running efficiently and effectively.



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  • If you chlorinate (bleach) your well, run the excess amount of water out through an outside water faucet so the water doesn't go into the septic system. There are two reasons to do this: the high amount of bleach can be harmful to the good bacteria in the septic system and the extra gallons of water can be harmful to the septic system.

  • Spend less time in the shower—long showers can contribute to an excess amount of water usage that your septic system will have to handle.
  • Spread out laundry over several days—doing all of your laundry on one day can put more water into your septic system than it can treat.
  • Use biodegradable soaps and cleaning agents.



On-Site Sanitation

  • Don't pour cooking or any other kind of oil or grease down the drains or toilet.
  • Don't put any paints or solvents of any kind down your drains, not even water based paints.
  • Don't flush anything down the toilet except toilet tissue and waste.
  • Don't neglect your septic system. It is your on-site wastewater treatment plant. Having city sewers comes with a monthly bill that really adds up, and you have a responsibility to the environment to keep your septic system working properly. Routine cleaning will help the environment and help insure your septic system continues providing your family many years of service.
  • Don't use any septic tank additives as there are no substitutes for routine cleaning of your septic tank.
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